Brill Themes Website Design

Originally, Brill Themes was a small WordPress marketplace with a modest collection of premium themes. My client purchased the site from its original owner and, finding that the existing themes were not selling as well as he had hoped, he decided to change the direction of the site entirely.

He elected to keep the marketplace feel, but to turn the site into a curated collection of some of the best WordPress themes available across the Web.

My role was to create a new design that would help showcase the themes, while providing detailed categorization and search options to help users find the perfect theme.

A screenshot of the Brill Themes home page.

I started the design with the homepage, creating a simple, responsive grid, with rows ranging from 1 to 4 items, depending on the width of the viewport. With this in mind, I set the number of items per page to 12, allowing for evenly distributed rows in all displays.

Next, I created a custom post type for themes, complete with custom taxonomies for categorizing themes by marketplace, features, categories and tags. I then designed single pages for the themes, showcasing all of the details and providing further opportunity to view a demo or purchase the theme.

A screenshot of a single page on Brill Themes.

With all of the different taxonomies being rolled out on this site, we also needed to allow users to refine their searches by marketplaces, features and categories. Because each theme was saved as a custom post type, this functionality was achieved through a custom implementation of the Advanced WP Query Search Filter plugin.

A screenshot of the Brill Themes search area.