Chalmers Fuels Website Design

When Chalmers Fuels approached Highland Marketing about the possibility of redesigning their old website, I was assigned to the project. My role was quite comprehensive and included drafting the initial project proposal, designing a series of wireframes, and ultimately designing, developing and deploying the site.

A composite shot of the homepage on the Chalmers Fuels website.

In discussions with the client, it became clear that the company's focus was in three key areas: residential sales, business sales and farm sales. To this end, one of the primary objectives was to structure the site around these three key areas, as reflected in the structure of the home page in this initial prototype:

A screenshot of one of the prototype screens that I created as part of the initial design for the Chalmers Fuels website.

I also chose to do away with the slider that had existed on the previous site, showcasing the three key areas instead.

Individual pages contain a bold heading area, complete with the page title, breadcrumb navigation and introductory text, as required. Further navigation is provided by means of a selection of related pages, while an optional call to action box can be included directly after the main content.

A composite shot of the Residential services page on the Chalmers Fuels website.

This project also required some customized maps of the client's service area, and a series of associated locations across Ontario. When I was unable to find a plugin that adequately provided the functionality that I was looking for, I chose to develop a custom WordPress plugin. This solution introduces two custom post types into WordPress—maps and locations. These work together, allowing the client to plot sets of locations on different maps.

A screenshot of the custom Google Map that I created for the Chalmers Fuels website.

These maps can then be embedded into individual pages, or viewed at their own independent URLs.