Central Pentecostal Church Website Design

When my local church was establishing a new vision, the lead pastor approached me about helping design and implement a new website to help further emphasize that vision, while also providing a backend option that would allow the church staff to make weekly updates to events, ministries and announcements.

Given my experience, installing WordPress was an obvious solution to the content management requirement. From there, I set about designing and developing a custom, fully responsive theme for the site.

A composite screenshot of homepage on the Central Pentecostal Church website.

One of the key aspects of the original design was the idea that the church would be serving "Across the Aisle, Across the Street and Across the Globe." The intention was to incorporate this idea into the overall design. My solution was to implement a set of three different icons, each paired with a different colour. These icons would appear across the site and identify where different ministries and programs fit into the overall structure of the church. The icon/colour pairs were as follows:

Aisle/blue, street/orange, globe/green

When a user visits a page that has been designated as an aisle, street or globe page (set in the WordPress admin area), a simple icon appears at the top right portion of the main content area. Additionally, the thin bar of colour at the top of the page changes to reflect the type of page. For generic pages, a multi-colour bar is used instead.

A composite shot of the Student Ministries page on the Pentecostal Church website.