Cut & Design Website Design

This was a fun little project for Cut & Design Unisex, a local salon which also happens to be where I've been getting my hair cut since I was 16. The owner is a friend of mine. She provided me with some basic assets—photography and identity—then allowed me to create a design that reflected the salon.

A partial composite shot of the blog on the Cut & Design website.

To help create visual impact, I implemented a slider that is rendered on every page. Unlike many sliders, which rotate through different content, I used this one as a sort of rotating background. I had two main reasons for this. First, I wanted to create a bit of visual interest using the photographic assets that I was provided. Second, because the salon caters fairly evenly to both men and women, I also wanted to incorporate visual cues to represent this.

Built on WordPress, the site uses custom post types for upcoming events and monthly specials at the salon.

One thing that I would like to change about the site is the contact form. I originally set up the contact form as a drop down panel that would descend when users click the contact button at the top of the page. In retrospect (and with more UX knowledge), I've come to understand that this is not the ideal implementation for this particular site.

A screenshot of the dropdown contact form on the Cut & Design website.