Blog Design is a popular design blog that I've been involved with for several years now. It was acquired by my client from the original owner and I was hired to give the site a new look and visual identity. This also included a redesign of the website.

Over the years that I've been working on the site, there have been several iterations, including a recent effort to simplify the site to improve the overall performance and user experience. The site is built on WordPress.

A composite shot of the homepage on the blog.

As a site that attempts to earn a significant portion of its revenue through advertising, one of the continuing challenges has always been managing the placement of advertisements within the context of its responsive framework, while still maintaining a positive user experience.

With this in mind, I've always sought to place the primary focus on the content itself, reserving space for the display advertising as appropriate. Unfortunately, in many cases this involves shifting the sidebar ads down toward the bottom of the page.

As we continue to move forward with the site, I will keep exploring new options and ideas to improve the overall effectiveness of the advertising.