Gryphan Entertainment Logo

This logo is the only piece in this portfolio that was not designed for a specific client. Instead, it was an idea that I decided to play with. As such, it does not work to solve any specific problems. It was more of a personal experiment that I have always been particularly fond of.

A mockup of the Gryphan Entertainment logo. Mockup template by GraphicBurger.

Fundamentally, the basic concept behind this was to play with the shape of the griffin to create the appearance of a capital G. That was really the foundation of the concept—to play with the mark and bring added visual significance to the whitespace.

Despite starting off as an experiment, the logo has actually been pressed into production. In my work as the Creative Director at Highland Marketing, we needed a series of fictional companies that we could use for some samples and templates that we were developing. Since I had this Gryphan logo just sitting in a folder, I decided to press it into action.

Incidentally, it was only after I elected to use the logo in this capacity that the word "entertainment" was added.