Ward Family Logo

My wife and I are planning to adopt a child and complete our family. One of the things that we need to do is produce a profile about us as a couple, and because we already have two daughters, my intention was to create a profile that really reflected our entire family. To this end, I decided to create a simple mark that could be used on the cover of the profile.

A mockup of the Ward Family logo. Mockup template by GraphicBurger.

I already had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish with this particular design, so after a couple of quick sketches in my notebook, I set to work in Illustrator. The first step was to establish a series of circular guides.

Once these guides were established, the next step was to begin creating the strokes and filling in the two overlap areas that make up the thicker inner strokes of the W. I also added five additional circles to represent our completed family.

The final piece can stand on its own, or can be paired with either Ward or Wardology (the name of our family blog), set in the simple Gill Sans typeface.

Ultimately, we learned that our profile is not supposed to include our family name (for privacy reasons), so it turns out that I won't actually be using this design for its original purpose. Fortunately, it won't go to waste. I will be updating the family blog. My wife also likes to make family yearbooks, so we'll use this logo for those as well!