Williamsburg Community Association Logo

Referred to me by a previous client, Williamsburg Community Association is an non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of residents in the Williamsburg area of Kitchener, Ontario. They were seeking a fresh visual identity that would evoke a sense of friendly, inclusive, family-oriented programming.

After reviewing the needs of the project, I set to work creating 3 different concepts to present to the client (this is how I approach most logo projects). The winning concept took the W from Williamsburg as the key building block, setting 3 letterforms at 0, 120 and 240 degrees to create a 3-point pattern. Together, they convey a sense of unity, while the triangular white space at the centre also conveys a subtle sense of strength. Finally, I added the circles to bring an abstract sense of humanity to the overall design.

A mockup of the Williamsburg Community Association logo. Mockup template by GraphicBurger.

The typography on the word Williamsburg was created in illustrator, using hand-drawn paths and calligraphic strokes. Several years removed from this project, there are a number of things that I would like to tweak—mostly involving the text. The balance of the a, s and g is off, while some of the curves appear slightly too exaggerated.

Because of the weight and length of the text in this design, I anticipated that there might be applications where the full logo might prove slightly too large. As such, I also designed an alternate "compact" version, which uses the organization's initials in place of its full name.

A mockup of the alternate, compact Williamsburg Community Association logo. Mockup template by GraphicBurger.